Unique Technology
Providing unique over radio broadcast to target areas

Enabling Emergency Services

Safetytech imports patented and unique radio override technology. This technology searches for and finds every active FM radio station operating in an area, and allows police and emergency vehicles to broadcast short messages to defined targeted audiences.

How It Works

EWS’ patented technology detects every FM radio station broadcast that reaches the target area and constantly measures the power of each of those radio signals. It then broadcasts the message at a predetermined greater power on each frequency so it now becomes the broadcast message but only within the hyper-local target zone.

Available as a mobile unit it can be fitted to police, ambulance, fire, emergency services and military vehicles. The broadcast range for a mobile deployment is a radius of up to 200 metres so as not to impact on audiences who do not need to receive the message.  It is capable of simultaneous broadcasts across multiple FM radio stations.

Technology is designed to communicate in emergencies

Patented Technology

The  technology is a compelling solution for informing people to protect their welfare and the welfare of others, or for managing an incident

Security Threat Applications 

It also has security threat applications and offers solutions for communicating to target audiences during military operations.

Cost-Effective Solution

The technology offers emergency management authorities a practical and cost-effective solution to communicate with small or large audiences in defined areas.

EWS Main Marketing Video

This video provides a general overview of the EWS products and applications.
The EWS solution is to use standard FM radios that the greater population have access to in their homes, offices and vehicles as the source of the communication.  Most people in most countries have access to a radio. A radio message is powerful because it communicates using the language people understand and is far more effective and prolific than other communication mediums.
The warning system consists of the following components:
-A microprocessor based subsystem for controlling the way that the system operates.
-Multiple transmitters each with their own frequency synthesizer for transmitting the audio warning messages – currently FM and RDS transmission.

About EWS

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  • There are two aspects that are unique, firstly its ability to communicate messages to a defined hyper-local zone within a radio broadcasters’ total broadcast area, and secondly, to transmit on multiple stations simultaneously.

    What is special about  EWS’ technology?
    What is special about  EWS’ technology?
  • The EWS Radiolert identifies all FM radio stations operating in a defined area, determines their power and then over-broadcasts on every frequency at the same time to communicate an alert message an authority wishes to deliver to people in that target zone.

    How EWS Radiolert works?
    How EWS Radiolert works?

Developed innovative and commanding radio break-in technology for warning and alert message dissemination

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